This intensive course is perfect for those already working in the fashion industry, wanting to acquire fashion drawing skills or brush up on existing ones. Also suitable for those needing to put together a portfolio of work for entry into a fashion design college or the workplace.

1Figure drawing
The human figure – anatomy, proportions, mass, volume
2The fashion figure
Fashion drawing proportions
The balance line, posture, adapting a pose, articulation, movement
Shaping heads, limbs, hands and feet
3The advanced fashion figure
Drawing faces & hair
Developing a personal style - creating a mood, stylized figures
Creating a set of figure templates
4Basic drawing techniques
Developing the subject
Tonal drawing and shading
5Drawing fabric and clothing
Draping, folds, movement, grain, texture, pattern
Styling collars, cuffs, sleeves, necklines, openings, pockets etc
Technical drawing of garment styles
6The design process
Exploring different media
Working from a brief - interpret and research a theme
Developing design ideas - theme boards and creating a collection
Presentation of ideas: story boards - creating a mood, layout and design
Portfolio preparation


  • 100% distance learning, no attendance
  • Career booster/personal enrichment
  • Start immediately
  • 12 months to complete
  • Exclusive content
  • Certificate level
  • Payment options available
  • Includes training kit


  • Training manual
  • A3 Layout pad
  • Pencils – HB, 2B, 6B
  • Coloured pencil set
  • Illustration pen
  • AFS certification


R4 500