Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are Back With a Bang!

Fashion trends are ever-changing and are cyclic. New trends and styles are constantly entering into mainstream society and many are struggling to keep up with the everchanging industry. This is partly due to fashion tastes that change all the time, and partly because every generation gathers inspiration from past generations. Therefore, what was once old will certainly become new again!

In today’s time, very few fashion trends are a new invention. Vintage fashion and ‘thrift’ fashion are trending right now. However, not every aged style works. For example, I’m sure your parents thought legwarmers were cool back in the day, however, in contemporary fashion it is certainly not regarded as stylish any longer! What’s more, is that the next generation will think the same of you. Like everything in life, fashion has a cycle too.

If you’re just starting out in the wonderful world of styling then don’t stress just yet.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 trends that used to be ‘it’ and are once again back in fashion

Mom Jeans

It’s official! Mom jeans are making a major comeback in fashion trends.

Skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, and other tight clothing has been trending in fashion for the longest time. However, jean manufacturers are coming to realise that women want comfort when it comes to denim.

The term ‘Mom jeans’ is slang for high-waisted women’s jeans that were originally trendy in the late ’80s and early ’90s mainly worn by middle-aged American women.

However, this denim style for women quickly went from being the butt of the joke to being one of today’s must-have denim styles for trendy young women and men. Cyclic fashion can quickly turn a stereotype of motherhood to current fashion trend status in no time! This unpredictability makes it all the more fun, in our opinion.

Nonetheless, we’re all for this cyclic trend because comfort is fashionable and who doesn’t love that? Why style your client in clothes that they going to itch to take off as soon as they get home when you could make them look AND feel good for longer.

Remember that comfort doesn’t necessarily equal unfashionable. For an eye-catching look, we’d pair these mom jeans with some block-heel snake boots and a leather jacket for a slick evening look. However, you could also style them as an easy daytime look with a white button-down and a pair of loafers for a simple yet fashionable look.

Circle Skirts

What better way to look chic and elegant, than a full skirt? Circle skirts were a formerly a prim and proper lady’s style staple in the 1950s. But not much has changed these days as modern-day gals are still rocking this classic piece in 2019.

Full circle skirts or fit-and-flare silhouettes are very elegant and timeless. But form fitting pencil skirts have dominated the fashion scene for several seasons now. The transition into the looser, full skirt has been slow, but this season the full skirt is back with a bang! There’s just something fun and flirtatious about a full skirt.

Another bonus is that that this skirt can be worn all four seasons of the year. Simply pair the skirt with a polar neck for a wonderful wintery look or even a scoop neck shirt for a sophisticated summer style. If you’re really aiming to give your clients a tasteful yet modern edge, simply add fun accents like a beret and experiment with different textures such as leather accessories.

A full skirt is a polished enough look for a tucked-in blouse, but casual enough for a printed tee. You can match these skirts with just about any footwear; sandals, boots, flats, sneakers or heels anything goes!

The trick to styling a full skirt is balance. Since the skirt is full on the bottom, you want the top to be more streamlined and cut close to the body. 

What’s more is that this silhouette is perfect for just about any age group! They look good on elderly women as they’re generally modest. However, because they’re so on trend right now, they also match well with stylish young women!

Whether they are layered with tulle, pleated, gathered, paneled, ruffled, inset with godets, or circular; full skirts are voluminous from the waist or hipbone down they move as you stride and swish from side-to-side.

Whether the skirt is short or long, that fit-and-flare shape is incredibly flattering. The length is not as important as the volume.

Additionally, this feminine silhouette suits just about every body shape! Whether they’re full figured or super skinny, this silhouette is bound to look good on any client.

Hair Scrunchie Trends

To a casual observer, this hair accessory may not seem all the fuss. No, this isn’t like just any other hair tie. The scrunchie first attracted eyes decades ago, and for years it has been dismissed as fashion passé. But the scrunchie is coming back in 2019!

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, scrunchies can be described as a ring of elastic encased in loose fabric which forms a delicate ruffle when twisted around a ponytail. These hair ties fit in easily with the loose, colourful, casual look of the late ’80s and ’90s. If you’re a stylist with a client looking for a bright ’80s or ’90s look then this is definitely the place to start! We recommend pairing these darling accessories with a baggy jacket and some mom jeans or bright tights.

However, these hair ties can also be incorporated within contemporary fashion trends. Pair them with a mini denim skirt printed T-shirt or even high waisted trousers and a leather jacket. You can even dress them up like model Hailey Bieber with a formal gown as seen on the red carpet. The options are endless! We’re definitely for this fashion trend.

This fashion trend is a quick fix to an ordinary look.

Vintage Scarves

There is just something about a vintage scarf that adds some olden time charm to your look. They’re colourful and versatile, these head scarves are coming back in fashion and just in time for the Spring and Summer season.

This accessory is reminiscent of the ’50s, a time where fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn would strut down Hollywood Boulevard with cat eyed sunglasses and a delicate silk scarf wrapped around her head. What could be more fashionable than a charming vintage touch, right? 

However, this trend is also well presented nowadays in the world’s biggest runway shows. So far SS19 shows at NYFW and LFW have proved that it’s a must-have hair accessory. From Tom Ford’s neatly tied silk scarves, to Michael Kors ’60s and ’70s inspired turbans and bandannas, New York and London have already seen a series of headscarf variations. 

These runway-approved looks have taught us that the headscarf is versatile; there’s no single correct way to wear it. Fashion week designers have showcased stylish knotting, looping and tying techniques to explore.

We personally love the ‘choker’ cowboy style. For this look simply wrap a square scarf around your client’s neck and match it with a monotone pant-suit along with some sunnies for a cool and current outfit.

A silk scarf could also double up as a belt that instantly jazzes up your neutral colours. We’d recommend tying a printed silk scarf around a skirt or denim jeans for a swift yet smart look.

Bad hair day? No problem, this trend will automatically fix your client’s hair mishaps in an instant! Manoeuvre the pretty fabric around their head for a cool Jimi Hendrix look, or around their tonytail for a darling school girl look.

The possibilities are endless, there are so many ways to add some pizzazz to your client’s outfit with this simple style. Try it out today!

Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers are back in fashion! Swap out the biker style leather jacket for throw-and-go oversized blazers this Spring season. We’re loving this alternative tailored flare, especially considering some of the chic styles being released right now.

An important part of styling clients is taking their personality into consideration. No matter how good you think they look, they may not feel comfortable sporting a look that doesn’t go with their personal style. However, that is exactly what makes this piece so genius. The oversized blazer suits tomboys, fashionistas, the ‘chill girl’ and they’re even perfect for male clients!

Dress them with high-waisted denims for a Jane Birkin look or channel Parisian chic vibes when thrown over a little white lace dress. Perhaps your client is wanting a sophisticated working woman look, simply pair some trousers or shorts for a full-blown suit.

Whichever look you’re going for; the oversized blazer is a classic and timeless clothing item. A strong statement blazer in a bold colour or print screams power.

What’s more is that we’re seeing a huge movement as of late, especially with oversized blazers in plaid prints. Additionally, shoulder pads are making a return and we’re loving the extra structure!

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