Benefits Of Doing A Personal Styling Course

Ever dreamed of styling celebrities at red-carpet events, dressing models for fashion shoots or perhaps becoming a private personal stylist? With Academy of Fashion Styling, you can! Kick start your career and get your foot in the door with our in-depth Personal Styling course.

Our Personal Styling course teaches you everything you need to know to survive in the fashion industry.

Here are some benefits of adding a qualification behind your name –

A Strong Knowledge Base Takes You Further:

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Although one may possess a natural talent for styling, it is still important to have background knowledge into this art form.

An eye for fashion is simply not enough- there is theory behind this craft! One must consider fashion analytics such as body shaping, colour coding, among others which all contribute to your overall look.

For example, a client may want to wear horizontal stripes due to a contemporary fashion trend however, she may also be fuller figured and want to appear slimmer or curvier. It is the Personal Stylist’s job to know that horizontal stripes make you appear wider, so you’ll have to incorporate the trend in only certain parts of the body such as the bust and hips but not in the stomach area. Thus, creating an hourglass figure.

The AFS Personal Styling course teaches you about these details and gives you insider knowledge needed for the fashion industry.

It is also important for stylists to adapt to new trends quickly and incorporate fresh ideas into their work. Trends quickly turn into fads and become outdated which then has an effect on your styling.

We love the fashion business, but this industry is ever-changing, and you’ll need to keep up! Our Personal Styling course teaches you how to keep afloat in this challenging field.

Personal Styling Clients:

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Our Personal Styling course teaches you everything you need to know about your clientele in the field. This includes dealing with consultations and assessing the client’s wants and needs.

Not every client wants to look like they just came from a Stefan Cooke runway on a day-to-day basis.

It is important to obtain a strong knowledge base into what works for client’s body types and skin colour (among others), appear fashionable as well as incorporating their desired look in the end. This balance is key!

Our Personal Styling course teaches you how to deal with clients such as consultations to client profiling such as styling, lifestyle, colouring, shape analysis, personal shopping and so much more!

It also includes a training kit as well as client questionnaires and consulting notes that improve your Personal Styling work.

Growing Your Business As A Personal Stylist:

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You may be good in your field however, starting your own business or brand is more about presenting unique designs and could become very challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing!

The AFS course equips you with everything you need to know about personal branding to growing and maintaining your business. We help you consider the planning, structuring and marketing that you need to build your brand as well as assembling a good social media and online presence.

Although this may not seem as important in a creative field, our insider knowledge is proof that these knowledge bases do wonders for your Personal Styling brand!

We also offer an intensive Business Start-Up course that helps you grow your business.

Building Your Fashion Portfolio:

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Having a highly acclaimed qualification behind your name also gives you a competitive edge among other stylists.

This also serves as proof that you hold knowledge of the fashion industry, rather than simply winging it.

The knowledge built from the course also helps you improve your fashion portfolio. This portfolio shows off your capabilities to your clientele which could be the deciding factor of employment!

Our Personal Styling course tells you everything you need to know to survive in this exciting industry! Whether you use it as a career starter or career booster or simply want to improve your own style, this popular course is an absolute must-have.

We offer Personal Styling as a distance learning course as well as a 6-day masterclass course in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Check out our courses and enrol today!