Winter Beige and 5 Ways to Wear It

One colour that appeared throughout fashion week this year was beige. It’s not a revolutionary colour for autumn or winter – but it is surprisingly versatile.

The classic beige trench coat can go a long way, but there are many other ways to add beige to your wardrobe. Since our aim at AFS is to teach fashion and style, here is our guide to styling your beige winter wardrobe!

Start with a Statement Piece

Winter beige statement piece

If you’re wanting to ease yourself into the beige moment – try starting with a few staple pieces. A cosy knit, a utility suit, a cape, a bag or pair of boots are suitable for everyday rendezvous.

Beige is a colour that can elevate an everyday look into something a little chicer, or downplay an otherwise over-the-top ensemble.

Remember that Beige is a great investment for any wardrobe. It’s worn year-in and year-out, so opting for a quality beige clothing item is never really going to be a loss.

Wear Winter Beige in Plaid

Beige Plaid Winter Style Trend 2019

Another oldie but goodie, plaid has made an appearance again in a big way.

Plaids of beige have been especially popular, and luckily for us, is extremely versatile as well.

Go business or casual with plaid. Throw in a plaid blazer with your denim or leather pants, or opt for a trusty pants (or skirt) suit for a more business-appropriate look. Don’t be afraid – a plaid coat wouldn’t hurt either!

Head to Toe in Winter Beige

Winter beige tonal style

We have been graced with the tonal trend this year.

Wearing one colour from top-to-bottom is what many fashion friends have been doing, from the red carpet to the catwalk.

If you are feeling bold enough to jump onto this trend, we also recommend mixing various shades of beige to make it a little more palatable for everyday wear.

Mix with Other Colours of The Season

Winter beige fashion trend 2019 beige and cornflower blue

We all know by now just how versatile beige can be. And let’s face it, sometimes we just want to brighten our winter days with a pop of colour!

Cornflower Blue, Tomato Red, and Mustard have been flourishing in winter fashion around the world this year. These colours can be paired quite well with beige, so don’t be afraid of mixing beige with your couleurs du jour.

Whether you want to be bold with these colour additions or not, beige could complement them fairly well.

Pair with Prints

Beige with animal print winter style

Play up your beige winter pieces with something like a playful print.

Snakeskin and leopard print are all the trend lately, and luckily quite often come in shades of beige. If you are searching for a more bold and playful look, prints are a great way to spice up the beige trend.

Try pairing your playful prints with some of your quality beige wardrobe staples, or play up your bold side and go completely tonal with it!

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