5 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Autumn

Autumn is a visually stimulating time. Additionally, there’s always just a lot going on. The leaves turn a gorgeous deep brown and hues of orange play in the sky. We’re graciously saying goodbye to the last of summer, and our tans.

This is when our moms would be tempted to toss out the clothes they loved and lived in all summer to match nature’s earthier decor.

Thankfully, seasonal wear has become so versatile – a trendy transition from Summer to Autumn is possible, with some Academy of Fashion Styling’s guidance of course!

Transitioning From Summer to Autumn Fashion

Our aim at AFS is to teach and style. So, we’ve put together a little guide that will help you transition your unique wardrobe– without emptying it. Utilize as many of your bright summer pieces during autumn 2019and beyond!

Hold On to Your Skirts – And Maxi Dresses

Hold On to Your Skirts - And Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses and flowing skirts are staple items and can be worn all-year-round. By keeping around a couple of maxi-skirts and dresses, you’ll always have ready-to-go pieces that create flattering silhouettes.

Maxi dresses come in every pattern and colour imaginable. Nevertheless, choose wisely.

This autumn, we’re all dotty about polka dots! In fact, monochrome prints were a fav at Fashion Week this year.

On a warmer day, add a statement waist belt and some platforms. This will highlight your torso’s slimmest point and elongate your legs. For a more formal look, pop on a dark coloured (and fitted) blazer, matching boots and you’ll be office-to-date ready in a flash.

Remember – neon is allowed here too!

Add Leggings or Stockings

Stockings or leggings for winter

While it’s hard to believe that what we call stockings, pantyhose or sheer tights only first hit the shelves in 1959, sheer hosiery provides the perfect finishing touch to any look.

And yes, the word ‘knee-highs’ and ‘pantyhose’ may always be associated with our grannies BUT what would life without classic black stockings even be? Thank you, Allen Gant!

Now, you may find yourself wondering whether it’s ‘too soon’ to pop on a pair. We would like to start by saying that it is never too soon. There was a meeting.

Each year, runways are ablaze with uniquely coloured tights and stockings. We encourage playing around with colour! It’s a great way to figure out your aesthetic. Throw on some neon pink fishnets or classic black sheers! Furthermore, stockings are a great way to transform a summer dress into a suitable winter one.

Layer Up

Layer Up For Winter

Layering clothing well creates a chic, elegant and sophisticated look. Equally importantly, layering keeps us warm. It is a stylish way to always be ready for a wider range of temperatures without having to change your outfit completely. Every South African knows how valuable this is!

The key here is to add layers without adding bulk using a method called Smart Layering.

Smart layering is as simple as starting with the thinnest items of clothing. You would then build up from there. Your foundation piece (usually a t-shirt) should be as slim-fit as possible, before adding more fabric to your look.

Try layering a fine knitted jersey under a slim-line denim jacket, pop on a leather jacket or a trench coat over that. Aaaand, voilà! You’re all levelled and layered up.

Invest in a Statement Jacket

invest in a statement jacket

Jackets have nudged their way into the forefront of the style realm making a case for the art of layering. A good statement jacket can add so much to an outfit.

One good piece is worth SO much more than a thousand common ones! Wear your custom coat with a classy black jumpsuit and you have a perfect date night outfit; wear it with jeans and a tee and it adds a pop of colour or texture to an otherwise minimal ensemble.

If you’ve ever felt like your outfit is missing a little something, it’s most likely the presence of an eye-catching topper. Do your lovely self a favour – invest in one now.

The Academy of Fashion Styling

academy of fashion styling

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