Stylist of The Bride – Bridal Styling Course

“Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” – Unknown

Your Role As Her Stylist


Your Role As A Bridal Stylist

An Academy of Fashion Styling bridal stylist is more than a clothing matcher, more than an item selector, a bridal stylist is a fulfiller of dreams. A bridal stylist’s primary purpose is to hold the bride’s vision; assess and interpret it and then bring it to fruition. This journey begins at the very first consultation and may extend to the styling the groom and his groomsmen. More often than not, a bridal stylist goes far beyond simply styling the bridal party at the bride’s request, this creates endless opportunities to learn, grow and build a business that branches out into various fields.

Bridal Styling As A Career

bridal styling as a career

With your signature bridal storyboard as your map, you will steer and your bride to the most efficient and glam way to realise her childhood dream. This will require a firm hand, a kind heart and a flair for bridal fashion and couture.

Breathe. You have no need to fear a bridezilla. All prima donnas are simply misunderstood and overwhelmed. In these moments of angst, you and your excellent bridal style training will be her sense of calm.

In turn, you will discover that there is nothing more amicable than a satisfied bride. There is no greater delight than knowing you pathed the perfect path to an endless love and that you built a substantial client base along the way.

Measuring The Bride’s Body Shape

measuring brides body shape

Everything from a woman’s shoe size, waist width to her head size (tiara shopping) can be a potential weep trigger during the wed planning phase. Thankfully, in conjunction with your trained eye and our in-depth teaching at Academy of Fashion Styling, you will seek out and find a perfect fit for every bride in your care, no matter her preferred bridal style, body type or budget – and have tons of fun along the way.

Styling The Bridal Party

styling bridal party

Long gone are the days when bridesmaids floated down the aisle in identical, ill-fitted and brightly coloured dresses.  We have bid ‘adieu’ to groomsmen stuck in generic black tuxedos that never quite captured their personal style. An Academy of Fashion stylist knows better than to duplicate each bridesmaid dress and look. There are many beauty facets one must consider before selecting a garment for both the bride and her squad.

Every woman’s face shape, skin tone, and hair texture must be considered before applying her makeup or styling her hair. No powdered ghosts should make it down the aisle and mismatched foundation looks particularly awful in pictures.

Confused about which beauty products to use on your brides? All Academy of Fashion stylists are taught how to select the most suitable ones.

Do You Dream of Becoming A Bridal Stylist?

dream of becoming bridal stylist

Our bridal style training is ideal for a fashionista with a taste for wedding planning, bridal make-up, wear and design. If this sounds like you, visit or contact us and enroll today!