Top Fashion Trend Forecasting for 2019

In 2018, we saw countless iconic fashion trend moments, with the return of the bicycle shorts, tropical prints and the resurgence of 1980s silhouettes. The fashion scene in 2018 was groundbreaking.

It’s a new year which means we will see new trends as well! We take a look at our top 5 favourite trends that will rule fashion in 2019.

These fashion trends will allow you to be effortlessly stylish while still allowing you to break barriers in fashion.

Italian Dad Jewellery

Italian Dad Jewelry Trend

The Italian Dad Jewellery fashion trend has quickly flourished, it is simply the art of layering classic gold necklaces.

This trend is a new way of making a statement with jewellery, letting you play with texture by mixing and matching different style chains.

Italian Dad Jewellery is the perfect accessory for summer as its light in weight and goes with anything from swimwear to a formal evening outfit.

The Circle Bag

The Circle Bag Trend

The circle bag is a little softer around the edges but is just as functional as the regular rectangular bag. A great addition to your handbag collection!

The circle bag lets you spice up any outfit. It looks as if this trend is here to stay, so it’s best to embrace it!

This handbag is one of our favourite trends and is a must-have item. Remember circles, not squares!

Snake Skin

The Snake Skin Trend

Animal print has been a favourite amongst style icons for decades. However, the animal print that is stealing everyone’s heart is the snakeskin!

This print always you to make a statement with just your outfit and not need to add a statement piece.

Of course, those who would rather not wear real snakeskin can get equally trendy faux snakeskin prints.

Bold Shoulders

The Bold Shoulders Trend

Taking it back to the 90s favourite trend, the bold shoulders! The return of this trend is no shock to us; bold shoulders are confidence boosters for women.

We saw this trend during Paris Fashion week from designers such as Chanel, Ellie Saab and Balmain. Certainly, making it, a must follow trend this year.

Utility Chicc

The Utility Chic Trend

Virgil Abloh, at his debut Louis Vuitton menswear show in June, introduced the concept of ‘accessomorphosis’. This concept is simply the use of bags and wallets as clothing.

The thinking behind this trend is that if we are expected to multi-task so should our clothes. Therefore, with the utility chic trend, we see a lot of pockets and the return of cargo pants in dusky hues.

2019 will sure be an exciting year for out-of-this-world fashion trends.